translgutaminase Transglutaminase BINDER ALGINATES

Products from the BINDER series are functional formulations based on alginates and calcium.

Alginate is one of the most versatile biopolymers to be found in nature, it is extracted from the cell walls of brown seaweed. It is commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The BINDER series is designed to give structure to a variety of different products. Binder 1.0 is a gelling agent which is particularly suited to improving texture and overall appearance of meat and fish, as well as other food products, such as vegetables and fruit etc.


  • Allows large quantities of water to be added to products, such us 35% or more.
  • Easy to process and it may be used in any type of industrial process.  
  • Facilitates accurate portion control.
  • After binding, the product can be sliced, frozen and cooked without losing shape or texture.
  • Binds non-protein products such as fat, vegetables, fruit and other products.
  • Free declaration of allergens.
Binder Catalogue
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