translgutaminase Introducing Lyoculture – BDF’s Starter Cultures for Dairy

Introducing Lyoculture – BDF’s Starter Cultures for Dairy


BDF Natural Ingredients has developed LyoCulture Dairy to offer a wide range of starter cultures with guaranteed activity that helps to obtain standardised and homogeneous cheese and fermented products. LyoCulture Dairy products are high quality European formulations based on mixes of freeze-dried single-strains. As DVI (Direct Vat Inoculation) products are easy to use. These products are offered to ensure a specific post-acidification, texture, viscosity, activity, sensory characteristics and shelf life.

The activity of all the LYOCULTURE products is measured using fermentation units of activity (U). The standard dosage recommended for the LYOCULTURE range is 10 U per 1000 L of milk.



+ Extended range of cultures for set yogurt, stirred yogurt, drinkable yogurt, kefir and other fermented milk products
+ Gives the desired characteristics to the final product (viscosity, aroma, gas production)
+ Adapted to dairy processing requirements
+ Balance of culture strains


+ Designed for the production of cow, goat and sheep milk cheeses; sour cream, cream cheese and other similar products
+ Classified depending on their growth temperature, proteolytic activity and gas production
+ Eliminates mixing and weighing errors
+ Optimizes the cheese production


+ Can be added to any cheese or fermented products giving them probiotic properties
+ Provides several health benefits when administrated in adequate amounts
+ Helps to prevent the growth of undesired microorganisms improving shelf-life of dairy products
+ Can be added alone or prepared in tailor-made mixes




The New Corporate Video from BDF, Leaders in Solutions with Transglutaminase


The BDF Technical Department has developed a new application for the product Probind® MB 1.0, based on the transglutaminase enzyme.


BDF has opened new facilities in the Girona Science and Technology Park to increase the research and development capabilities.


The BDF team completed the 100km journey and raised more than 1500 Euros to support the fight against poverty and injustice around the world.


After the BDF conference at the 5th National Congress on Food Science and Technology in Costa Rica, BDF technicians organized seminars with PROBIND (transglutaminase) and BINDER (alginates) products for Costa Rican customers.


The Technical Department of BDF held a conference about the opportunities to innovate with transglutaminase enzyme in the food sector.


BDF will form a team of six employees -four walkers and two support crew- to participate in the Oxfam Trailwalker; an event for raising money to overcome poverty and injustice around the world.


BDF Natural Ingredients presents Probind FG, a product designed to improve the physical properties of fish and some meat products.


BDF Natural Ingredients presents PROBIND BF, a new product based on the Transglutaminase enzyme designed to improve the properties of beef products.


The 2013 Fi Europe & Ni Trade Fair was held from 19 to 21 of November in the German city of Frankfurt. The event was attended by over 1,300 exhibitors from the food industry, a fact which underlined the resounding success of this trade exhibition.


BDF was present at the first meat technology seminar organized by our distributor in Colombia, Griffith Laboratories.


It has been redesigned with new content and better accessibility to improve the navigation of users and customers, at the same time its internet appearance has been updated.


New BDF Natural Ingredients’ corporate video reinforces the brand image and shows the facilities to the worldwide public


Great success of BDF Natural Ingredients presenting their solutions at the most important event for the meat industry, showing their solutions and amplifying the projection and image of the company.


BDF launches a newsletter to keep clients informed about new product developments, applications and news from the company.


BDF organized the last month of October a couple of seminar sessions for customers and distributors in the facilities of the Science and technological park of Girona.


Bdf opens new facilities in the Girona Science and Technology Park to improve the service to clients and expand the research and development capacity



For five consecutive weeks, the alginate-based product Binder 1.0 has been at the top position of the most powerful search engine for ingredients of the food and nutrition industry./em>


In January 2012 BDF Natural Ingredients has obtained HALAL certification for the product range PROBINDBINDER and Spices. HALAL certificate of conformity has been issued by the Halal Institute of the Islamic Board of Spain.


BDF Natural Ingredients S.L. was present with a booth at the last Food Ingredients Europe & Ni fair edition which took place in Paris from 29th November to the 1st December.  The Fi Europe Fair exhibition is the world’s largest gathering of Food Ingredients buyers and decision makers.



As part of a serie of conferences organized by Bancaja for young entrepreneurs, BDF Natural Ingredients  has been selected to give a conference about the export strategy followed by BDF for its international expansion.

The conference was held at the Faculty of Economics of the UDG (University of Girona) by Sandra Arribas, Sales and Export of Natural Ingredients BDF.


BDF NATURAL INGREDIENTS is pleased to release its new website in April.                                                             


BDF  Natural Ingredients has been present on the stand of the company TECNOALIMENTI (BDF’s distributor in Argentina) during the past Tecnofidta Fair.


BDF Natural Ingredients S.L. was present with a booth in the last IFFA fair edition. IFFA is the leading international trade fair for processing, packaging and sales in the meat industry.

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