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BDF - committed to the reform of working hours

The reform of working hours is an initiative that seeks to promote positive changes to workplace timetables, so that employees can better combine their work, family and personal life. This reform helps to promote a more civic mentality, while improving both equality and good relationships, not to mention general health and well-being.

The implementation of flexi-time and the concentration of working hours, as well as the synchronization of office times with those of other companies and institutions, in order to promote the well-being of everyone in the company, have been among BDF's values for several years. To this end we have become members of the Girona Network for the Time Reform. This organization has been created by the Council and companies in the city of Girona that are committed to pushing ahead with this people-focused transformation.

At BDF we encourage all companies and organizations to join up and support this initiative, which promises benefits to companies, as well as to the quality of life of staff. Our own experience has proven that its advantages are significant.

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