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BDF Natural Ingredients, our 20th Anniversary

It’s been exactly two decades and this year BDF Natural Ingredients is celebrating our 20th anniversary. These last two decades have seen the company rise up to become a leading name in the research, manufacture and sale of functional ingredients for the food sector based on the use of Transglutaminase.

The company was set up in 1999 by Jordi Bosch, in the town of Riudellots de la Selva (Girona - Spain), and from the very start its activity was closely focused on providing products for the meat industry. Business horizons have expanded broadly since then, and for several years now BDF has been manufacturing new products for the dairy, fishing and baking sectors.

BDF was created with exports firmly in mind, and its now-extensive activity overseas began shortly after its launch. The company now has clients in over 55 countries, with products shipped to all four corners of the globe; a success that stems from BDF’s ability to offer products perfectly adapted to the needs of each of its export markets.

In 2013, growth at BDF was marked by the transfer of our sales offices, laboratories and test plant to the Girona Business Park, while our production plant was relocated to the nearby town of Quart, in a move that saw the company double in size.

Our development has not ended there, and in 2019, BDF will be launching two new innovative and exclusive product lines onto the market, with a strategy that will mark our entry into the food supplement sector.

In the words of Jordi Bosch “at BDF we are always wondering if there is any way to improve what we are doing. This concept has helped us grow at both personal and business levels. “

BDF is making full use of the experience gained over the last 20 years, it is a company driven by the energy of a young, dynamic team who work on a daily basis to meet the ever-changing – and challenging - requests of our clients.

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