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BDF Naturlagen® - New Clinical Study proves the effectiveness of the product

BDF Naturlagen® is one step ahead when it comes to marine-sourced, hydrolysed collagen powder. This entirely natural supplement is made from the skins of wild-caught, deep-sea marine fish. Our ground-breaking product is made in our state-of-the-art plant located in the Canary Islands (Spain).

Today we are releasing the latest clinical study on BDF Naturlagen® which was undertaken at the Dermatest Laboratories, a leading German research organisation. The aim of this research initiative was to test the benefits of BDF Naturlagen® with regards to its tolerability and efficacy, using clinical-dermatological criteria as a test basis.

Marine collagen has numerous benefits that span three interconnected lifestyle areas: health, sports, and beauty. The human skin is the largest, and functionally speaking, the most versatile human organ. It separates the inner workings of the body from the outside world and protects it from dehydration and harmful environmental factors. Healthy skin is not only important with respect to beauty and having a youthful appearance, it is also a key aspect in personal well-being. Collagen is an essential scaffold protein that provides smoothness and suppleness to the skin. However the body’s natural production of this substance declines as we age. From early adulthood, collagen production declines by about 1.0% to 1.5% every year.

The results of this study proves the effectiveness of BDF Naturlagen showing a significant improvement of both facial skin moisture and individual wrinkle depth.

BDF Naturlagen® has quickly become one of the main references for collagen products on the international market. For more information about this product or the clinical study, please check the brochure below, send us an email to, or pay us a visit at Fi Europe Frankfurt (30 Nov-2 Dec)!

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