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2021: The year of chickpeas

Everyone is familiar with chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans. Chickpeas are a variety of pulse that are traditionally consumed in Mediterranean countries in foods such as falafel, hummus or as an ingredient in stews, salads or curries. The popularity of chickpeas has been on the rise over the last few years, partially thanks to their high nutritional value, and partially due to the rise in popularity of plant-based products. Several companies are currently stating that chickpeas will be the top food ingredient for 2021, not only in well-established foods like hummus, but as an added ingredient in other, modern plant-based foods, and we can well-understand why.

So, why are chickpeas so popular?

Chickpeas are a highly nutritional food, due to their high protein and prebiotic fiber content. They are also an excellent source of iron and selenium, as well as several B vitamins. On top of all that, chickpeas provide multiple health benefits; they help to improve digestion, and aid in reducing and preventing diabetes and cholesterol, among other conditions.

Another benefit is that chickpeas are gluten-free and allergic reactions to them are uncommon. Not only are they highly sustainable and totally vegan-compatible food they are also grown around the world.

Chickpea consumption is currently on the rise, and this is especially due the way this pulse is being used today, with an ever-increasing number of vegan and flexitarian consumers and the growing search for healthy foods. This popularity boom is apparent in countries where chickpeas form a part of the traditional diet, such as Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, as well as in Northern Europe (especially Germany and France), the UK and the US.

The versatility of this humble plant comes from its relatively neutral flavor and color, as well as its high functionality. Different chickpea fractions, such as flours, protein concentrates and isolates, as well as fibers and starches can be used in all kinds of foods, such as meat and dairy substitutes, pasta and even bakery products. Chickpea fractions can be used as protein, starch or fiber source, or as a functional ingredient in form of different fiber fractions or protein hydrolysates.

The good news is that our BDF PROBIND® range works in a highly effective synergy with numerous different chickpea ingredients. If you are using, or planning to incorporate, chickpea flour in gluten-free bakery and pasta products, or as a protein source in various plant-based meat or dairy substitutes, our BDF PROBIND® enzyme mixes will help you improve your products. Whether you’re producing muffins or plant-based frankfurters, or even a vegan ice-cream – we’ve got you covered!

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