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BDF Ingredients launches its new product Lyoculture: LC DC413

At BDF Ingredients we continue to develop our range of LyoCulture products. These are high quality European formulations based on blends of individual freeze-dried strains. LC D is a range of starter cultures with guaranteed activity for a wide range of cheeses and fermented dairy products.

The use of LyoCulture in fermented dairy products helps to obtain standardized and homogenous fermented products. As DVI (Direct Vat Inoculation) products they are very easy to use. Our products are evaluated for overall texture, viscosity, activity, sensory characteristics, post-acidification and shelf life.

What’s new? Our LC DC413 (Lc.lactis ssp lactis, Lc lactis ssp cremoris, Lc lactis ssp lactis biovar diacetylactis, Ln mesenteroides ssp mesenteroides) is a new culture that develops high creamy, round flavor for optimized production of cream cheeses. This culture brings some advantages that you cannot miss:

-Fermentation profile within factory requirements

- High creamy and round flavor

- Slight gas production

- Mild flavor during the process and during the shelf life

- High pH stability during the process

And if you need more information, do not hesitate to ask

Check this video and discover how to use our new LyoCulture DC413.

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