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BDF PROBIND® CH 2.0 in Fresh Cheese

At BDF, we have continued with our focus on Dairy products, seeking to provide our clients and distributors with the most complete solutions for the production of traditional products and with ideas for new developments and production lines in the industry.

We are now proud to present a new video, which demonstrates the advantages of applying BDF Probind CH 2.0 to fresh cheese. The video shows the simplicity of the production process and the benefits achieved with the application of Transglutaminase. 

Among the advantages obtained in the use of Probind CH 2.0 is an easier draining process, with increased and improved texture, a reduction in syneresis, and an increase of yield in the cheese production.

We have also included the steps needed in preparing fresh cheese and an example of an application of Probind CH 2.0, as well as the additional benefits it provides.

For more information about Probind CH 2.0 in fresh cheese or other dairy products, feel free to contact us at We’ll be happy to help.

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