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BINDER 12.0 direct application for structured / extended meat

Our new texturizing product - BINDER 12.0 – is a revolutionary new mixture of food additives that act as a cold gelling agent, allowing you to easily structure all kinds of meat.

As we have designed it for direct powder application, you do not have to dissolve it before use. This innovative new product also means savings in production time, while no special equipment is required for application.

BINDER 12.0 is easy to process and comes with the following advantages:

+ Adds new value to meat trimmings

+ Allows significant amounts of water to be added

+ After binding, product can be sliced, frozen and/or cooked without any loss of shape or texture

+ Facilitates the production of standardized weight portions

+ Allergen free

Try out our new BINDER 12.0 and discover the advantages of its easy application. Write to us at to request product samples and more information! We will be happy to help you!

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