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High-quality healthy yoghurt with BDF products

If your goal is producing healthier foods, you can not miss BDF ingredients that are ideal for developing or improving fat-reduced, stirred yoghurt products!

BDF PROBIND CH 2.0 increases the creaminess and thickness of your yoghurt while reducing fat content, and without flavour modifications.

Combining BDF PROBIND CH 2.0 with LCDY37, guarantees a delicious, high-quality healthy yoghurt.

LCDY37 provides an optimized fermentation profile, its unique strains delivers firmness, short texture, yoghurt flavour and a mild profile and it also ensures excellent pH stability during shelf life. 

Try BDF PROBIND CH 2.0 and LCDY37, either separately or together!
The results are sure to meet your demanding production standards.
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