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New BDF office to promote remote working

Over the years BDF Ingredients has been working on strategies to facilitate remote working and work-life balance programmes. In today’s world, with its limitations on social interactions, remote working has become an essential resource in helping to counter the spread of a virus whose impact has been felt around the world.

BDF has sought to make its own contribution to this new professional scenario, and the company has come up with a solution that makes the experience is easier to bear, while promoting a remote working option that offers staff a new kind of office.

These new premises are none other than a motorhome, courtesy of the company. The vehicle is available to any employee to share with those people in their circle of trust. Workers can spend up to a week with the vehicle, which means that they can work anywhere they feel comfortable, while enjoying extra holiday hours – also provided by the company.

After several weeks, during which our staff have visited both beaches and mountains, we are happy to state that the experiment is proving to be a highly experience. All those who have taken part have been able to maintain a pace of work that has not slowed down normal company activities, while remote working has been seen as a perfectly valid professional strategy.

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