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New Horizons, New Slogan

BDF has been active on the market for over 20 years and during this time the company has experienced several very important changes. Today we find ourselves in one of those key moments in BDF’s history: the company is entering a new market - the Nutrition and Cosmetics sector.

In 1999 BDF Ingredients was founded by the Bosch family. The company began as a formulator and blender of ingredients for the local industries of Girona. These companies were generally focused on the meat sector and were part of the food industry.

Over the years, ingredients with ever-growing technological factors have become more significant within the company, with these new products arising from our commitment to implement rigorous R&D. The company has followed this strategy and dedicated its efforts to create innovative, quality mixtures for both the national and international markets. This change of direction has meant that the company has gone from working exclusively in the local market to reaching over 50 countries on various continents. Furthermore, those sectors where BDF products were suitable for application also broadened their scope, and the company soon began innovating for target clients in the fishing, dairy and bakery sectors.

Today we are proud to announce that for 2021, BDF Ingredients will be totally prepared to begin providing products for yet another market: Nutrition and Cosmetics. We will shortly be introducing new products that are focused entirely on this market and that will add to BDF's current range.

So in these times of change we are pleased to be finally unveiling our new slogan, one that presents our vision of this new commercial phase:

"Smart Food · Better Health · Active Life"

Smart Food - because we will continue in our role as a leading company, providing smart and technological products in the food sector.

Better Health, because we will be covering a new market with the goal of developing products that help improve the health of our customers.

Active Life, because BDF's philosophy is to highlight the importance of staying energetic and positive and promoting a work-life balance . BDF has always been a ‘people first’ company and this is a fact we want to prioritize in the coming years.

We are happy that you are joining us in this new phase, one in which we’ll be broadening our horizons, thanks to your support these changes and innovations have been made possible.

Thanks for helping us on this new adventure!

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