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NEW VIDEO! COTTAGE CHEESE - BDF Probind CH 2.0 + LyoCulture Starter

Cottage cheese is a fresh, soft, unripened cheese. With a granular texture, it is usually produced through the addition of lactic cultures. And it is also considered to be one of the healthiest cheeses, due to its low content in calories and especially fat.

BDF would like to share our latest video on the production of this delicious cheese with the advantages offered by the application of Transglutaminase - BDF Probind® CH 2.0 and the new range of BDF LyoCulture lactic cultures.

These advantages include an increased yield in cheese production, a reduction of syneresis and the addition of milk proteins through Transglutaminase activity. The standardisation of fermentation time and final product characteristics are other added performance factors, together with an increased shelf life with the prevention of undesired bacterial growths and the optimization of cottage cheese production with the addition of BDF LyoCulture.

Go straight to the video at the link below to check on the advantages of BDF Probind® CH 2.0 and BDF LyoCulture


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