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The optimum solution for vegan producers

Plant-based products are on the rise and have not lost momentum during COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, NPDs with claims such as “plant-based”, “vegan” and “vegetarian” are one of the fastest growing among all new product releases and that is because modern consumers are interested in products that are more natural, are produced in a sustainable manner, have cleaner labels, while providing additional health benefits (such as fermented products). On the other hand, most vegan and flexitarian consumers, especially Gen Z and millennials, do not want to compromise on the texture and taste they are used to, and these are still the biggest drawbacks in the plant-based food sector. Most of the today’s solutions for the textural improvement of plant-based dairy, especially cheese analogues, are based on hydrocolloids use and other ingredients. Numerous additives are therefore used, and this leads to longer label descriptions and the subsequent loss of consumer interest. To solve this issue, we are introducing BDF PROBIND ® TXo as the optimum solution for vegan producers.

This product is a clean-label solution for your plant-based cheese analogues. It can be labelled as containing enzymes or, depending on national legislative requirements, no labelling is required at all. It provides multiple benefits when used in plant-based dairy alternatives, such as texture and visual appearance improvement, product standardization or even yield increase. It is incredibly versatile and can be used with different protein sources, and different forms of raw foodstuffs, such as whole nuts/seeds/beans, protein isolates/concentrates and flours, and plant-based milks.

To show these advantages in a product-case scenario we have now developed three plant-based cheese applications:

· Almond soft fermented cheese style – an almond alternative to your dairy ricotta or quark.

· Cashew matured cheese style – a soft cheese round with smooth texture.

· Peanut matured cheese style – a firm cheese round with nice slice.

If you would like to receive the specific application guides with detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us at We’ll be happy to work on this project with you!

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