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Video - PROBIND® CH 2.0 Transglutaminase in Yoghurt and Fermented Milk Products

PROBIND® CH 2.0 is a leading product in the Transglutaminase market for applications in dairy foodstuffs. This product is produced exclusively by BDF Ingredients and is the result of years of investigation with Transglutaminase enzymes, thanks to our expertise and extensive experience in the dairy products sector, and provides unequalled results in the market.

We have produced a video to demonstrate the advantages obtained by adding PROBIND® CH 2.0 to yoghurt and fermented milk products, showing the visual changes that occur after its application to these products, in addition to objective data and exclusive BDF images obtained using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) x5000 magnification, in which significant changes can be seen in the three-dimensional structure of products when PROBIND® CH 2.0 has been added.

As you will be able to see in the video, PROBIND® CH 2.0 improves the physical properties of the final product, such as increased gel strength, increased viscosity, and a reduction in synerisis, among other positive factors, while also helping to lower costs in manufacturing terms.

We invite you to look at the video, where you will be able to see the following advantages of using PROBIND® CH 2.0 in yoghurt and fermented milk products:

+ Increased gel strength.

+ Reduced synerisis.

+ Helps reduce the need to add milk solids and stabilisers, such as powdered milk and proteins, etc., so reducing production costs.

+ Helps to eliminate the use of gums and gelatine.

+ Increases creaminess and texture in low-fat products.

+ Cost reduction.

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