New Video - Advantages of using

Probind® TXo Transglutaminase in Cooked Ham

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Improved Sour Cream - New PROBIND® CH 2.0 Transglutaminase Application

+ Would you like to improve the texture of your sour cream?

+ Would you like to produce a top quality sour cream? 

A new BDF video on the application of Probind® TXo

Transglutaminase in Emulsified products

Corporate Video from BDF Ingredients

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The new PROBIND® TXo Transglutaminase

Application for Sausages rich in Soya Protein

New Kosher and Halal Certificates

for Probind® Transglutaminase

Check How PROBIND® CH 2.0

(Transglutaminase) helps to

reduce Yoghurt Production Costs

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