About us

BDF Natural Ingredients is a company specialised in the research, manufacture and commercialisation of ingredients and additives used in the food sector.

Our internal R+D+I Department and a highly qualified staff specialised in food technology continually develop new product lines by providing innovative and technological solutions for our clients.

The company has extensive experience in the national and international market, which allows us to offer our clients a top quality commercial service, together with technical assessment adapted to each of our client’s individual needs.

We have been working in the meat sector since 1999; however we extended our area of action several years ago with the introduction of new products for the dairy and fish sectors.

We currently offer our clients a wide variety of products in different ranges: 

  • Probind:  Functional formulations based on transglutaminase enzymes.
  • Binder:  Functional formulations based on alginates.
  • Lyoculture:  Starter cultures suitable for the  dairy industry.
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