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BDF PROBIND® SP for Meat Balls and Vegan Alternatives

BDF Ingredients is now launching a new functional product at a very competitive price, BDF PROBIND® SP. This is another of our efficient, easy-to-use products made with Transglutaminase and soy protein. BDF PROBIND® SP has been specially designed to improve the physical properties of meat-based emulsified products such as sausages and meat balls, but it is also ideal for use with 100% vegetable emulsified products.

What’s more BDF PROBIND® SP comes with its own catalogue of application for meat balls, making it easier to for our clients to understand the used and characteristics of this highly-effective supplement. The benefits of this new product include; increased texture and improved elasticity, consistency and improvement in bite are the main benefits of this highly competitive functional solution.

Meat lovers are also increasingly looking to plant-based protein alternatives. This trend has led the meat industry to innovate and development proprietary lines of impressive vegetarian and vegan products. Discerning consumers today are looking for a tasty and appetising dining experience in meat and meat-free products. BDF Ingredients has therefore made its own pioneering contribution to aid innovation in the food industry by providing exclusive functional solutions when it comes to improving texture and quality in a wide variety of food products.

If you want to learn more about our new product and its numerous applications, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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