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New BDF Vegan Solution Set

At BDF Natural Ingredients, we always look for the best solutions for our customers. That's why we have launched a new BDF vegan solution set for sliceable dry cured vegan salami-type sausage and sliceable dry-cured fermented vegan chorizo. Do you want to know more about our new solution set? Keep reading!

With the combination of our BDF products: Binder 2.0, BDF PresActive M1 and LC M20 we obtain a final product with high-quality results. These results include a wide variety of benefits such as the incorporation of vegetable oils or fats that are liquid at room temperature, transforming them into solids with good texture and palatability. Besides, this structured vegetable fat presents the characteristics of colour and texture typical of animal fat. It is challenging to tell the difference because it can be cut, sliced, or chopped in any desired way.

Its versatility of production is very high, it can be used with any type of vegetable oil or fat. Another benefit of using these BDF solutions is that they allow diverse choices of plant-based options to be fermented, whether small or big calibre.

In addition, the organic acids contained in BDF PresActive M1 from fermentation ensure that the products taste good for longer. This benefit together with providing a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity are also obtained thanks to the LC M20 vegan starter culture. Finally, we cannot forget that Binder 2.0 improves texture by increasing hardness, elasticity and chewiness, providing a meaty texture to plant-based dry cured fermented alternatives. And also, it is important to take into account that it does not interfere with the correct acidification curve desirable in the final product.

As BDF follows the market trends, our products are 100% vegan and they are suitable for different plant-based alternatives. Do you want more details about our products included in our new BDF Solution Set? Please contact us:

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