BDF Biotech

BDF Biotech is a leading European company in the research, development and production of high quality natural bioactive ingredients for use in the cosmetics and nutrition sectors.

BDF Biotech was created in 2014 as a subsidiary of BDF Natural Ingredients. In its early years it specialized in the production of Transglutaminase enzymes for the food industry. Over time its activity has expanded to the production of fish gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen.

Ingredients and food supplements produced at BDF are in high demand in international markets - and not just within the food industry. Our products are now included in the field of nutricosmetics, and with marked success, as they are ideal substitutes for synthetically-manufactured products

BDF Biotech has become a cornerstone in the development of our entire business group. Due to our commitment and investment in R&D&I over the past few years, we have managed to obtain highly favorable results in several BDF-managed projects.

BDF Biotech is based in the Canary Islands, an attractive location due to both its climate and scenery, it is however unique in terms of its potential for renewable energy use. Our factory in the Canary archipelago covers a total area in excess of 5000m2, and features highly innovative facilities, at the technological forefront in the Spanish food production industry.

Continual health and hygiene-safety procedures are implemented during the entire manufacturing process. These range from the selection and quality-testing of our raw materials final product verification procedures for the B2C and B2B markets. We apply high quality standards to the entire process – from source to finish.

Our production plant is being optimized to ensure that the manufacturing process makes the most effective use of solar and wind energy, in line with our sustainable production model. There are few places on earth like the Canary Islands where these resources can be implemented to this extent.


The BDF Biotech team is responsible for the entire raw material selection process, for manufacturing, marketing and even final product analysis. Each company department is responsible for a separate production step, while our staff have a broad range of technical and scientific profiles.

We use the most advanced equipment on the market to perform efficient high-quality production processes. Respect for the environment the use of renewable resources, and a highly-motivated team have all gone to make BDF Biotech a global benchmark in the manufacture of marine collagen.

Renewable Energy Sources

Using what nature freely provides

We are based on the island of Gran Canaria, where the sun and the wind form part of the environment, and we use their power to in our goal to ensure the production of zero-emission collagen peptides. This use of renewable natural energy resources means that we take care of the environment just as we take care of our staff, our suppliers and our clients.

Renewable Energy Sources

The Circular Economy and Sustainability

The Circular Economy and Sustainability

Caring for the planet and caring for you

Our gelatin and collagen peptide raw material sources are by-products of the fishing industry and are ideal for human consumption. As a result, this process contributes to the circular economy and provides a positive factor for society at large by converting otherwise discarded, yet valuable by-products into high-quality protein products while reducing environmental impacts. What’s more, we use only wild, deep-sea fish sourced from sustainable fishing.


A Team of Demanding Professionals

All our production stages involve state-of-the-art equipment. Our manufacturing process begins with the use of high-quality, sustainable raw materials, and continues with innovative protein extraction procedures. This gives us a concentrated, protein-rich product that is then dried in atomization and micro-granulation stages, resulting in an optimal final product in terms of its organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics. Our facilities are fully equipped with the latest technology when it comes to protein extraction processes using animal and vegetable origin by-products. This equipment includes enzymatic hydrolysis reactors, tangential filtration equipment for concentrating the raw extract and an atomizer fluid bed to ensure a premium quality final product.


  • BDF Naturlagen

    Premium Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen

    BDF Naturlagen is our new marine hydrolyzed collagen powder. This innovative, new product is made from the skins of wild deep sea fish, such as cod, pollock and haddock.

    Hydrolyzed marine collagen consists of small peptides with a low molecular weight. These small collagen peptides come from the enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen. When administered orally, collagen peptides are easier to digest than supplements made in other formats

    BDF Naturlagen is produced from cold water sea fish – and never from fish raised on fish farms. All our raw materials are sourced from sustainable fisheries in the North Atlantic and the Western Pacific oceans.

    The Characteristics of BDF Naturlagen:

    • Fish caught in the wild without risk of exposure to antibiotics or hormones - as occurs with animals and fish raised in captivity.
    • 100% production from wild fisheries.
    • Produced in Europe without the risk of cross contamination with meat products.
    • Complies with EU and US food regulations.
    • MSC certification.
    • Halal and Kosher Certification.
    • Marine collagen peptides that come from nature have a much lower carbon footprint than beef or other animal collagen peptides.
    • Low molecular weight: ~ 3000 Da.
    • Neutral taste and smell.

  • Health Benefits

    • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
    • Muscle growth. Also helps the formation of healthy joints and strong bones.
    • Significant reduction of joint pain stemming from physical activity.
  • Beauty Benefits

    • Effectively improves the health of skin cells and inhibits the enzymes that break down collagen in the skin.
    • Decreased surface roughness, greater smoothness and fewer wrinkles.
    • Thickens hair and strengthens brittle nails in both adult women and men.
  • Sports Benefits

    • Promotes muscle growth and the formation of healthy joints.
    • Accelerates musculoskeletal recovery after intense exercise.
    • Prevents injuries and promotes tissue repair.

Projects and Subsidies

Subsidy for High Intensive Technology Companies of the Canary Islands (EATIC). EARLY CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2019


Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund with a co-financing rate of 85% in the framework of the Operational Programme ERDF CANARIA 2014-2020. Project subsidised by 70% by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands, according to Resolution no. 437 dated 26/09/2018 of concession of the Directorate of the Canary Islands Agency for Research, Innovation and the Information Society, which resolved the anticipated call for 2019.

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