Biotechnology, Our Greatest Strength

BDF Natural Ingredients is a company specialised in the research, manufacture and commercialisation of ingredients and additives used in the food sector.

We have been working in the meat sector since 1999; however we extended our area of action several years ago with the introduction of new products for the fish, dairy and bakery industries.

Our internal R+D+I Department and a highly qualified staff specialised in food technology continually develop new product lines by providing innovative and technological solutions for our clients.

The company has extensive experience in the national and international market, which allows us to offer our clients a top quality commercial service, together with technical assessment adapted to each of our client’s individual needs.


Leading the way ahead

At BDF, we consider biotechnology as our cornerstone, the reason behind our success in the industry, and an integral part of what we offer as a company.

We are proud to have a highly-qualified team, state-of-the-art biotechnology laboratories, a pilot plant and an enzyme production plant, while we also further our scientific knowledge and understanding by working closely with universities and research groups.


International scope

International scope

One step closer to you

BDF is a company with a worldwide scope of operation; strategically positioned across the globe, offering an extensive portfolio of ingredients and solutions with the highest quality food industry standards.

We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of both our clients and our distributors, not only in terms of their needs, but also in meeting the tastes and traditions of each culture and region where our products are used. 

Our Team

Happiness and corporate culture

We are convinced that in order to achieve our goals, be the company we want to be, and the company that our clients deserve, it is essential to have a happy and motivated staff. Our aim is to develop and advance together in a positive workplace with schedules and priorities based on everyday human needs. 

And this is why BDF assigns a member of its team to act as a Happiness Manager, to manage the personal and professional satisfaction levels of our staff and create a pleasant, amenable environment that enables us to enjoy our work. This, in turn allows us to provide a more personalised and more professional, positive experience to our customers, suppliers and everyone involved in our day to day lives.

Our Team

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